NEO by Technisoilind

Now you see them.

Now you don't.

Plastic to pavement to performance.

The future of roads is here.

And it promises to be miles of marvel.

Change at scale. Really, really, really big scale.

What if we could solve the world’s plastic problem by fixing our failing roads problem and completely recycling our existing asphalt? Well, we can. Really.

Neo (formerly G5) is a brand new material, formulated to divert plastic from the waste stream at a rate and value that can drive powerful change at scale. “Our roads, our tax dollars, our children, and our planet deserve aggressive and proven solutions that work urgently to help us realize a circular economy,” Sean Weaver, Founder & President, TechniSoil Industrial maker of Neo.

The safest, most sustainable pavement process on the planet. Full stop.

Neo diverts a whopping 150,000 plastic bottles per lane mile from single-use, post-consumer waste into long term use solutions. And that provides a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with zero leaching or negative impact on water, air, or soils.

The performance pavement of the future. Vroom, vroom.

Roads recycled with Neo possess the strength of concrete and the flexibility of asphalt. In fact, Neo enhanced pavement lasts 2 – 3 times longer than asphalt, has 5X the tensile strength of asphalt with greater flexibility. Neo also helps eliminate rutting and provides extremely high reflective cracking resistance while delivering at least 50% life cycle savings to taxpayers.

100% road recycling. 100% incredible.

Neo is used with a modification of a common process called Cold In-Place Recycling. We mill up failing asphalt, crush and resize it, mix it with Neo, and immediately repave it. We eliminate the need to haul 84 trucks of asphalt out/in, and return to traffic within hours, instead of days or even weeks.